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Foreground: folded and pressed. Background: the dark side of fat quarter bundles!

Today: prewashed and folded all the materials for my much-anticipated greek key quilt (“Twisty” from Modern One Block Quilts). Still need to press and fold 18 fat quarters I washed from stash.

Why am I washing my stash, you may well ask. Well, at some point during my quilting hiatus, a family of mice decided my stash would be a lovely place for a nest. While I can’t argue with their taste in cotton, as tenants they left a lot to be desired. So as I get the sewing room up and running, everything (that isn’t a precut–fortunately I had none of those in stash) is getting prewashed before it comes in the door. After it comes in the door, it’s going in an ArtBin, as Lisa Calle suggests. We’ll see how this works—

Yesterday, after taking BB (our new German Shepherd) to obedience class, I galloped off on another Row By Row Experience spree. This time I covered the four shops in the south (San Francisco) Bay area, from Morgan Hill to San Juan Batista. Now I have a few (*cough*) more things to wash, two new kits, and some things to send to Mom…

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